Gazans hold PA, Hamas responsible for crises, poll finds


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Gazans hold PA, Hamas responsible for crises, poll finds
Only 15% blamed Israel for the problems in the Gaza Strip, and just 7% blamed Egypt.
Published: DECEMBER 23, 2021

Most Palestinians in the Gaza Strip hold the Palestinian Authority and Hamas responsible for the continued crises in the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave, according to a public opinion poll published on Thursday by the Palestinian Atlas Center for Studies and Research. The results showed that 45% of respondents believe that the PA is responsible for the various crises in the Gaza Strip, with 25% saying they hold Hamas responsible, and only 15% blaming Israel.

Additionally, only 7% of respondents blamed Egypt for the crises in the Gaza Strip, home to approximately two million Palestinians. The PA, Hamas and many international parties often hold Israel solely responsible for the “economic and humanitarian crisis” in the Gaza Strip because of the blockade imposed there. In 2007, Hamas seized control of Gaza after removing the PA from power. Since then, Hamas and the ruling Fatah faction dominating the PA have been at war with each other.