Gaza rocket hits house in central Israel, several wounded

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  1. Almost Heaven

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    IDF holds Hamas responsible, as it closes border crossings, moves divisions to Gaza.

    The Israel Defense Forces confirmed that a rocket launched from Gaza fell in Israeli territory causing damage and casualties, shortly after alert sirens blared across central Israel early on Monday morning.

    The rocket was confirmed to be from Gaza, having traveled around 80 kilometers. It hit a house in the village of Mishmeret at 5:18 am, in the heavily populated suburban area that surrounds Tel Aviv.

    According to Israel's Magen David Adom, seven people were injured, including two women of 60 and 30 moderately. A 60-year-old man, as well as three children, one of them a small baby, were lightly injured.

    There were as yet no confirmation as to who was responsible for the attack.
  2. Almost Heaven

    Almost Heaven Well-Known Member

    IDF begins operation in Gaza after rocket strikes central Israel

    Gaza militant groups say will target all of Israel with 'resistance fire' if IDF strikes Gaza Strip

    The Israeli army has deployed a number of units to the Gaza border and called up thousands of reserve soldiers ahead of an imminently expected operation in response to a rocket fired from the Palestinian enclave early Monday morning that hit a house in central Israel, injuring seven people.

    Two infantry units and one artillery brigade were sent to reinforce troops deployed near the Gaza Strip, while air defense reserve units were mobilized signalling preparation for the order of a forceful response to the rocket attack.

    It has also announced the deployment of additional Iron Dome missile defense batteries throughout the country as a cautionary response to the incident.

    A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip struck a house in the village of Mishmeret at 5:18 am on Monday, in the heavily populated suburban area north of the metropolis of Tel Aviv. Seven people were injured, among them two children and a baby, and a total of 30 houses in the area were reported damaged.

    Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was briefed on the rocket attack in Washington D.C., where he was set to meet US President Donald Trumplater Monday. Netanyahu had been due to address the annual AIPAC policy conference on Tuesday, but cut his trip short in order to oversee security operations.

    “This was a criminal attack on Israel and we will respond forcefully,” Netanyahu vowed.

    The IDF said it held Gaza’s Islamist rulers Hamas responsible for the rocket attack, while the group reportedly told Egyptian interlocutors that the launch was an “accident” caused by inclement weather and promised to investigate.

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  3. Almost Heaven

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    Netanyahu is leaving Washington and heading home with rocket strikes close to Tel Aviv. The Prime Minister was scheduled to speak tomorrow at AIPAC, but that has been canceled.
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  4. daygo

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    Yes quite, Hamas saying its an accident ridiculous.
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  5. Almost Heaven

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    Not an accident. I was listening to Israeli radio while I was driving and all the Gazan factions announced they were ready to work together to attack Israel. My opinion.... it is Iran to blame for uniting the Gazan factions who were until now at war, with each other as much as Israel.
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    Less than an hour ago, the IDF tweeted that they've already started striking Hamas targets in the strip. That would have been around 6 PM their time. This could be a very interesting week.
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    Tel Aviv mayor orders all bomb shelters opened as Israel strikes Gaza

    Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai orders all public bomb shelters opened as Israeli aircraft bombard Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip following a rocket attack earlier in the day that destroyed a home in central Israel, injuring seven people.

    — Judah Ari Gross

    Hamas chief says Palestinians facing a ‘comprehensive assault on all fronts’

    Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh responds to Israeli strikes in the Gaza Strip — which come following this morning’s rocket attack that destroyed a home in central Israel and wounded seven people — linking it to tensions in Jerusalem’s Temple Mount and recent attacks by Palestinian prisoners on Israeli guards after authorities blocked their cellphone reception.

    “The Palestinian issue is facing a comprehensive assault on all levels and fronts in Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza and inside the occupation’s prisons,” Haniyeh says.

    “We must confront this comprehensive assault in a united national stand and in high coordination with our Arab brothers. Jerusalem unites us; the prisoners unite us; the West Bank unites us, and the March of Return unites us. If the occupation crosses red lines, our people will not surrender to it and the resistance is able to deter it.”

    — with Adam Rasgon
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  8. sissy kidwell

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    President Trump in the meeting with Netanyahu,"I love my country, my family, my God!" I don't know that in my 66 yrs I've ever heard our president say that, I could be wrong. I feel blessed. :salute

    Sorry, not trying to hijack the thread.
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  9. John Romans

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    I think this rocket attack was not incidental (they never are). What a coincidence that Trump was going to sign the order on the Golan Heights with Netanyahu present as a rocket attack happens on Israel just hours prior.
    Netanyahu cuts the trip short but that doesn't stop Trump and America from still blessing Israel as he signed it offically this afternoon.
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  10. Almost Heaven

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  11. daygo

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    Pull the other one.

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