Gas prices in your area?

Tall Timbers

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A couple days ago gas prices in Fairbanks jumped to $4.89, a .50 cent increase overnight. When I first saw the signs I thought maybe it was a mistake... but it's not... I don't know what has happened to cause the sudden leap in prices. What has diben done now?

This morning I saw that the price had jumped overnight from 4.89 to 5.22. Ouch!

Mama Bug

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Gas station by my home went down to 3.09 yesterday. The city my mom lives in, where I do some shopping because it’s cheaper, I think was 2.95 or 2.93. I filled up my car while I was there. It was 3.05 Saturday to fill up my husband’s car in our city, and I paid 3.03 Sunday to fill up my daughter’s car. Yes they’re spoiled. My husband rarely has to put gas in his car, my daughter never has but that will change soon as she is supposed to start looking for a job after marching band season is over. She’ll be buying her own gas when she starts working.

Ghoti Ichthus

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This is the time of year refineries switch from summer gas to winter gas.
Also production of heating oil.
So, normal for prices to go up for about 2 weeks or a month or 6 weeks (depends on where in the country one is located), and then back down.

Gas up $0.17 a gallon overnight :fruious :rant :mad :wild :hairout :frust :cry

Fill up so infrequently, I hadn't been paying attention, so when I do go, I'll have to pay more :doh :frown