Gas prices in your area?

Mama Bug

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I filled up my daughter’s car yesterday at Chevron and paid $3.19 per gallon. Walmart gas is 3.18 per gallon. One place near my moms house is 3.04? She lives about 20 miles away from me.


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3.83 in PA Dutch Country. Some places save you a dime/gal if you're a member.

I know Delaware gas is much cheaper, but it ain't worth the drive.

Tall Timbers

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A couple days ago gas prices in Fairbanks jumped to $4.89, a .50 cent increase overnight. When I first saw the signs I thought maybe it was a mistake... but it's not... I don't know what has happened to cause the sudden leap in prices. What has diben done now?

This morning I saw that the price had jumped overnight from 4.89 to 5.22. Ouch!