Gas prices in your area?


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Costco down .10 to $4.79 today. DH was there earlier and said there were very long lines. The two stations down the street are both down to $5.05 a gallon for regular. My guess is this is only temporary because Yellen, Biden, et al, have no idea what they're doing. It's all about the Demonrats looking like they're trying to do something other than destroying the country, in order to stay in power come the fall elections. IMO, after the elections, it's going to be gloves off with the Demonrats and their plan for a Communist dictatorship will go into high gear, aka making Americans as miserable as humanly possible. :furious

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The average in my area is 5.19

What makes states like FL stay so much cheaper?

Location (seaports, pipelines, overland transportation routes, distances/costs, refineries, and storage)
State and local tax rates per gallon
Supply and demand

Some states have currently suspended their State taxes on some fuels

I think the relatively small or modest savings vehicle/driver isn't worth losing taxes needed to maintain and repair infrastructure because poorly maintained roads and bridges end up costing drivers more in vehicle maintenance and damage. Collapse or closure of bridges due to safety concerns means rerouting of traffic, longer routes of travel, more congestion/potential idling (raising costs, time, and pollution), and more wear and tear on the remaining open infrastructure. Nationwide, bridges are in poor shape, and there was the collapse of the bridge over the Mississippi River several years ago in Minnesota, which killed people, damaged/destroyed vehicles, polluted the river, and caused a lot of inconvenience/extra transportation costs.

I-35 Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis
"Shortly after 6 pm on August 1, 2007, the Interstate 35W bridge over the Mississippi River near downtown Minneapolis was loaded with rush hour traffic creeping through an ongoing construction project. Without warning, the bridge collapsed, taking with it 111 vehicles. Thirteen people died and 145 were injured."

More (including many links to articles, data, etc.)

ARTBA Bridge Report
"67.5 million daily crossings on 43,578 structurally deficient U.S. bridges in poor condition."
"1 out of 3 U.S. bridges need to be replaced or repaired, including 30 percent of bridges on the Interstate."
"The estimated cost to replace all the structurally deficient bridges based on average price data from the U.S. DOT is over $58 billion."


I-35W Bridge Collapse​

"The tragedy that unfolded in Minneapolis on that summer day in 2007 caused a rift that reached every corner of the nation. Government officials everywhere felt urged to ramp up inspections and funnel money towards renovating and maintaining their traffic infrastructure; but, as was proved by the Minneapolis bridge collapse, local government often lacks the funds to deal properly with crumbling infrastructure. It has been estimated that over a trillion dollars are needed to make repairs. This money has been difficult to attain, and local governments across the country continue to struggle to keep up with the cost of maintenance and safety."

Money to build new roads and bridges under Biden's $1 trillion infrastructure project is 'evaporating' because of inflation​

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