Gas prices in your area?

Rocky R.

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With inflation rising, rampant unemployment, and taxes set to go through the stratosphere, gas prices in my area have climbed to a very uncomfortable $4.59 just for regular unleaded! It will come to be that people in my part of the U.S. won't be able to sustain a job with these kinds of prices. Asking people to buy electric cars or bike to work when the distance between their home and place of employment exceeds 5 miles is unfeasible. I'm curious -- what is the lowest price for REGULAR unleaded fuel in your area?


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Despite doubling their state gas tax in 2020, Illinois is for the most part seeing gas prices between $3.24 and $3.39 for regular in the central part of the state. However, the Circle K and the Qik-N-EZ near us have been in a little gas war, so we have seen prices as low as $2.87 in our neighborhood for the past two or three weeks ... until today when they must have signed a peace treaty, because they are both at $3.34 or thereabout, this evening.