Gas and the Israel-Lebanon maritime border dispute


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Gas and the Israel-Lebanon maritime border dispute
Lebanon's new border demands now including the northern end of the Karish natural gas field caused the US-mediated negotiations to break down.
Published: JUNE 18, 2022

Israel and Lebanon have a long-standing dispute that includes disagreements on the demarcation of land and sea borders. In October 2020, the US brought Lebanese and Israeli officials to Nakoura, a city in southern Lebanon near Rosh Hanikra, where headquarters for the UN Interim Force in Lebanon are located, for indirect negotiations over the maritime border.

After the massive explosion in Beirut Port in August 2020 and growing public criticism of Hezbollah’s role in Lebanon, the country showed greater readiness to hold talks with Israel – though its negotiators would not sit in the same room as Israelis.

The dispute between Lebanon and Israel, which began over a decade ago, involves an triangle in the Mediterranean Sea, which would be about 2% of Israel’s economic waters. Israel entered the talks agreeing to split the area 58:42 in favor of Lebanon, which would like to start drilling for gas as soon as possible to help dig itself out of its ongoing economic crisis.