Gantz: I will not let the IDF Chief of Staff appointment be held hostage


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Gantz: I will not let the IDF Chief of Staff appointment be held hostage
With new elections potentially on the horizon, Gantz may run into some legal obstacles when pushing the appointment through during a transitional government.
Published: JUNE 20, 2022

Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Monday told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that he would soon move aggressively to appoint a new IDF chief to avoid the process being held hostage by politics. Gantz said, “We have a great IDF chief… but he is finishing in six months. To maintain stability, we need to appoint a new IDF chief,” soon as well as to allow that new chief to promptly select his own new IDF deputy chief.

“There are great and professional candidates for the IDF chief position, and I am consulting with the prime minister,” about the appointment. The defense minister said that, “any attempt to color the decision as political is false and harms the basis of our power. I call on all rivals to leave the IDF outside of the fires of politics.” He said the IDF would not be in a position where it had to have a “temporary acting chief. I will not let happen to the IDF like what happened to the police for two years” where the politicians could not agree on a new permanent chief and a weaker acting chief ran things on a temporary basis.