Gantz calls for US-led military build-up against Iran


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Gantz calls for US-led military build-up against Iran
Israel ready to strike worldwide, Prime Minister Bennett warns amid threat in Turkey.
Published: JUNE 14, 2022

Israel will act anywhere in the world to protect its citizens, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett warned on Tuesday, as security agencies remained on high alert over Iranian plans to kill or abduct Israelis visiting Turkey. “These days, we see attempts to harm Israelis in various sites abroad,” Bennett said at a memorial ceremony for soldiers who fell in Operation Peace for Galilee, the 1982 Lebanon War.

“The arms of Israeli security will do everything to thwart these terrorist attacks and to neutralize in advance those who send the terrorists,” Bennett stated. “We will not hesitate to use the force of the State of Israel everywhere in the world to protect our citizens.”

Defense Minister Benny Gantz called for Israel and other countries in the region facing threats from Iran to build up their military capabilities under Washington’s aegis, ahead of a visit to the region by US President Joe Biden next month. Gantz cited Israel’s security ties with Gulf Arab states that drew closer under a 2020 US-sponsored diplomatic drive, as well as Egypt and Jordan, and said there were efforts to expand such cooperation.