Fullness of time and shortening of time

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I am perplexed into beginning a discussion on this


for instance

The Jews indeed often speak of the shortening of days in this sense as miraculously done by God so they say that

"five miracles were wrought for our father Jacob, when he went from Beersheba to go to Haran.

The first miracle was, that , "the hours of the day were shortened for him", and the sun set before its time, because his word desired to speak with him.''

They also say

"that the day in which Ahaz died, was shortened ten hours, that they might not mourn for him; and which afterwards rose up, and in the day that Hezekiah was healed, ten hours were added to it.''

regarding the five miracles for Jacob and the time of Jacobs trouble the birth pangs there must be five things about it I do not know understand or get

another for instance

the Karaite Jews who say

"IF we walk in our law, why is our captivity prolonged, and there is not found balm for our wounds? and why are not , "the days" of the golden and silver kingdom "lessened", for the righteousness of the righteous, which were in their days?''


here is one word of comfort

that for the elect's sake these days shall be made shorter than their enemies designed....

who would have cut all off if God, who used these foes to serve his own purpose, had not set bounds to their wrath.

Christ foretells the rapid spreading of the gospel in the world. It is plainly seen as the lightning. Christ preached his gospel openly.

what do you reckon the full shortness will come as

Ive reckoned often the return the final one
however I do not know how to comprehend it :idunno:


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That is too lofty a theological thought for my little mind, bro.

I find it quite enough to avoid conformity to the world, to allow myself to be transformed by the renewing of my mind through the Word, to seek to walk as God would have me walk, and to try to preach and teach the truth of God without mixture.

Let me know if you find the answer to your question. Sometimes things like that come in handy when opening up God's Word to a congregation.

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:hug straight up truth and you told it Brother Matt :yeah:
Love you for it :yeah:

God Bless your soul brother Matt :nod

Its so high I cant climb it fly over it or well nuff said
except a great big God Bless you for the bailout on that

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and to try to preach and teach the truth of God without mixture.

The ONE THING more than a unction gave witness I need

lest slew foot sift me like sand today :twitch

I can't do mixture :doh: It makes me crazy :willy:

long ago that very thing caused me the greatest of sorrows
I came clean up out of it and sometimes wham the devil gets up in the details :ohno