Freedom Convoy Regroups in Rural Canada

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Canada’s CTV News on Tuesday reported that Freedom Convoy protesters driven from downtown Ottawa by this weekend’s police action are “regrouping” on private property around the city, as they evidently planned in advance.

CTV said some of the regrouping was occurring on private property whose owners were allegedly not happy to see hundreds of supporters following the Freedom Convoy truckers back to their usual truck stops. Dozens of vehicles orbited the trucks at one stop, and tents had reportedly sprung up, as well.

Protesters told Tom Peckett, the mayor of McNab Braeside, they were only lingering for a day or two to say farewells before heading home.

“They come in for a day, they stay overnight, they socialize, they get up in the morning and a bunch of that group leaves for the west and then some more come in from the city of Ottawa,” said Peckett, who added he had no problem with activity, since the protesters obtained all necessary permits and were not obstructing traffic.