Free software to burn CDs (or MP3 cds)?


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Can anyone recommend a (preferably) FREE program that will let me burn audio or mp3 CDs? I have Windows 11 64 bit.

I had Roxio, paid for it & registered, and it worked fine for a month or so. Today when I proceed to make an mp3 CD it just froze up.
Then when I went to uninstall it, it froze up again. So now I'm hoping to find a freeware alternative that will do the job.
The mp3 CDs are of music compilations. :)

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I'm not sure because I like to use the pay for program, Nero... but I haven't bothered to install that on either of my newer laptops because I so rarely need to burn something to CD... but I believe that the Microsoft OS comes with a built capability to burn to CD. I think that if you just do a copy and paste the thing will come up and write to the CD...


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