[Free] Paragon Hard Disk Manager 8


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We’re giving you the full commercial version of paragon hard disk manager 8, a full-featured program for backing up and partitioning hard disks, worth £43. Offer is good until the 11th of this month. I just found out about this free offer.


register the free product here http://kb.paragon-software.com/paragon/scripts/freelink/en/index.jsp?product_id=2745

A registration key will be sent to the email address provided. And a download link will be provided. If one has trouble with getting the program because of web traffic. http://www.filemirrors.com/ and search for this file name:
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I would think so. Most likely they will sell your email address to other companies to make money for a free product give away.

BuzzardHut, do you have a disposable email address or a free hotmail account? This way your main email inbox will not get clogged with spam.

I have a gmail address for such occasions and a second email account from my internet provider. Under their terms of service, my internet provider will automatically delete all unread mail after 14 days.