Francis Chan Declines to Share the Gospel With Catholic, Says Holy Spirit Doesn’t Want Him To


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Francis Chan Declines to Share the Gospel With Catholic, Says Holy Spirit Doesn’t Want Him To
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There is no longer any doubt that Francis Chan has departed from biblical Christian evangelism as he regularly partners with rank heretics and apostates. We reported earlier this week that Francis Chan, at the OneThing Conference at IHOPKC — the apostate Mike Bickle’s church — Chan removes his shoes and socks so that a group of Roman Catholic priests can pray over his feet. Besides the fact that that was just weird and gross, there is certainly no biblical basis for the act — but to have a group of men who deny the biblical gospel perform such an act is, well, bizarre.

But that wasn’t the end of the story. Later on in the same video, during a Q&A, a woman who identified herself as a Roman Catholic came to the microphone, expressing that she believes that she and Chan share the same heart, and asked,

As we’re in this church, I feel like this reset is also for Catholics and the whole church. This is a call for all of us to go deeper into the heart of the Lord. As I’m reflecting on that and as I’m trying to enter into some of the challenges in our own church, I just wanted to ask in your eyes, like, you gave a beautiful word this morning about being an outsider stepping in and having a word, I wanted to see if you had any words for the Catholic Church and the time that we’re in, what you see as an evangelist in the church, the needs and the heart of the church as someone who loves the bride as well and what message that would be for our church today and the tensions that we face.

What a wonderful opportunity to present the gospel to a Roman Catholic — obviously someone who, at the time, was actually seeking an answer to some deep, religious questions that she has. In fact, you can sense the sincerity in her voice. She has been led astray by not only her church, but the Evangelical ecumenical movement as a whole. She has, indeed, a misguided view on Christianity — and Francis Chan had the opportunity to present the truth to her.

For a man who repeatedly claims that the reason he shares the stage with apostates and heretics is to be able to reach their audience with the Word of God, he sure fumbled this chance to do so. I am going to assert that it isn’t because he truly desires to reach people with biblical truth — it’s because he desires ecumenical unity above all else. That is an anti-gospel position to take.

So, how did Chan respond to this woman? After a 30-second or so pause — where it appeared he was trying to channel some kind of revelation from God — he finally responds,

I don’t believe I’m supposed to answer that question. I don’t believe the Holy Spirit wants me to answer that question.

This response is completely contradictory to what the Scriptures states in 1 Peter 3:15,

…always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.

The Scriptures NEVER command us to be silent on the gospel. Chan has exited the realm of “spiritually dangerous” and has now fully entered the realm of “false teacher.”


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This leaves me gobsmacked! Is this a reliable source? If so, it’s astonishing! It sounds to me like Chan is listening to the devil and calling it the Holy Spirit! How unfaithful he was in that moment!


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Many so-called Reform Christians are very welcoming to Catholic church. Check out The Gospel Coalition's Tim Keller. Surely people will begin to wake up, as one by one, reformed religious leaders are stepping out in defense of Catholic 'brethren' (a-hem, cough, cough)

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If anyone was unsure if Chan is an apostate........ Very sad.
This took place at the IHOP Onething conference. Mike Bickle-who Chan 'loves' and sees no reason to rebuke- embraces Catholic mysticism and has charismatic Catholic meetings, which are a part of the Onething annual event. The (antiChrist) Mass is dispensed daily. Bickle also visited the Pope in recent times, like other apostate charismatics such as Copeland, Valotton, Robison, the Arnotts etc. No true believer could be a part of this. I believe the Reformed gospel of Calvin is 'another gospel', so it is likely that Chan has exchanged one false gospel for another, more ecumenical one.
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