Forums Upgrade


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I did an upgrade to the forums software last night as they had a "significant" upgrade to the software. We are on Xenforo 2.2.0 now.

I also updated the forums style so there were probably so changes made being it was a significant upgrade. But I don't recall everything that was changed but it does seem the editor was changed.

This link is the official tells about the changes to the forums software that was made last night if you are interested in those sort of things:

It seems some questions have already been raised about the upgrade and the text editor change so hopefully this will help some.


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For those who notice the likes notifications seem different when you click on the bell icon, you can still tell the new likes from the previous ones. There is a black dot next to the new likes and white ones next to the old ones. Plus {at least on my phone) ; the background of the new likes is a slightly different shade of white than the old ones.

As to the text editor, I do like the less cluttered look of the editor icon bar. And the seemingly missing edit functions are easily retrieved by clicking on the three-dot icons.