Forums Upgrade


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Hi Everyone,
I hate to mention this after all the issues this past week, but the forum software we are on is on version 1.5.x and we need to upgrade to the newest version because of as the end of this month they will not be supporting our software.

I have been putting this off for a while and we need to upgrade as we do not want a situation where we are on unsupported software.

The new forums will not look like the current layout. To get a glimpse of what the new RF will look like you can view the current Xenforo community forums at the following link to see who it will look --

Where it says "Xenforo" at the top left will be replaced with the Rapture Forums text logo.


So, you will know you are on the Rapture Forums site. Also, none of the URLs will change either, so everything will be at the same place. Just make sure the URL contains the and you will be fine.

I have just paid for the upgrade service and will now await to schedule a time to upgrade. I don't know when that will be. I am hoping for sometime close to this next weekend, but I will just have to see what times are available and when the staff at Xenforo is available. It might get done alot quicker than I anticipate. I will update this thread as soon as I hear from them.

Thank you and I am sorry about more confusion coming with the forums upgrade. I did not anticipate us having the CDN problem this past week.

God bless.


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I'm told that they can't special order a time for doing the upgrade, so since I have filled out and submitted the upgrade request form, I am suspecting that starting Monday morning or anytime after it may get done. With little to no notice. It will be fine as the forums software company is the one I've hired to do the significant upgrade. They know what to do since they built the software. :)

We will miss a few extras that we have on the forums like "most likes" and "most posts" until I can get those add-ons for v.2 installed on the upgraded forums. But we will be fine. :)