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Hey Chris, when I‘m on the main forum page, I don’t show as logged in, but when I click a subcategory I show as logged in.
You may want to check forum address path in relation to cookies or factor-in the site’s frames maybe.

Thank you.


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Well, I don't have anyone else complaining of that problem right now. In fact, I can't remember the last time anyone ever did except many, many years ago when we used NGINX. We don't use that anymore, so I haven't this problem with that since. I do see you are using a proxy server for visiting the site, it is probably related to that. When one person has a particular problem and no one else does, it is usually on an individual's computer that is the problem. Perhaps you could might need to clear your cache and cookies, etc. I'd try that to see if it works. It might end up being your VPN service that is the problem., not the forums. Like I said, I do not have any other complaints about that problem. I hope that helps and you get it resolved. :)


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Do all my posts pend approval after I’ve made a certain number of posts or is this a permanent thing after the forum was revamped?

By the way. God bless you for running and maintaining this forum Chris and for your patience. I used to do this myself many years ago and I gave up after a while.