Former Saints Receiver Joe Horn on NFL Player Safety: ‘I Think it Should Be Flag Football’

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Former Saints wide receiver Joe Horn says he thinks the NFL should be a “flag football league,” and he believes “the fans would still pay to see it.”

In the interview, Horn talks about watching his sons play football at the high school and college levels. Horn believes that by the time his oldest son has a chance to play in the NFL, the league will look much different than it did when he played.
And that doesn’t bother him at all.

“It might be touch football by then. And you know what? That’s good,” Horn explained. “Because if the people pay millions of dollars – if they pay their hard-earned money to see superstar athletes play tag football, it is what it is. It’s more safe.

I don't have any skin in professional American football. What do you think about this?

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I read that earlier. I dont agree with him that people will still pay top dollar to watch flag football. Sadly, violence is half the reason folks watch football.

The league keeps making improvements in player equipment, but it’s doubtful it can ever be a completely safe game to play.

With billions of dollars vested in this game, if it ever shuts down completely, it wont be anytime soon.
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I think if you are going to play football, you need to sign a waiver stating you are not entitled to any sort of lawsuit money when your brain turns to mush. I saw a defensive back from the Giants in an interview. The reporter asked him what he thought of CTE and if it would affect his decision to play longer. He flatly said he doesn't care because he's making his money.

I was a massive football fan at one time. Now, I simply don't care. Maybe it's that I'm getting older, or maybe it's because the game doesn't resemble what I grew up with. I remember watching E. Smith (Cowboys) play against the Giants in a game that would decide the Division winner. He played through a completely dislocated shoulder. His one arm was hanging about 2/3 inches lower than the other it was so badly dislocated. He not only played through the pain, he dominated. Today, a guy could care less about CTE, but if that guy has a hangnail, he will sit out for three weeks. Todays game just isn't the same.


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In the area of potential long term brain injury, include soccer (the other football) onto the list.

You can't tell me that all those headers are not messing up their heads.