Former Likud MKs eye upcoming primary election


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Former Likud MKs eye upcoming primary election
The most significant name that is rejoining the race is Israel's ambassador to the UN between 2015-2020, Danny Danon.
Published: JULY 3, 2022

The Likud’s primary elections will be held on either August 1 or 2. A number of ex-Likud MKs and new figures said they were going to run. The Likud’s list to the Knesset consists of four different components. The first is the list chosen in national primaries. The second is representatives of its 10 regions. The third is a number of “minority” slots that are also chosen in the national primary but in a separate category. These include a slot for a new immigrant, a slot for a woman who has not previously served as an MK, and others. The fourth category is the Likud leader’s personal choices, known as “shiryunim.” The leader receives approximately three slots that have a realistic chance of making into the Knesset.