Former Border Federal Special Prosecutor’s Shocking Stories Will Make You Want To Build The Wall

Discussion in 'Anything Goes Coffee Shop' started by Tall Timbers, Jan 21, 2019.

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    What struck me most was that 99.9 percent of all persons illegally entering the country are being trafficked in by the cartels. Many people mistakenly believe that illegal immigration is when people decide to come to the United States and sneak across on their own. Ironically, the cartels have done what the United States has not, which is secure the border. If they find an alien on their territory trying to cross without having paid their “fees,” they’ll murder them. It is a part of organized crime, and people who are routinely abused, tortured, and exploited are the product.

    Another thing that struck me was just how many persons illegally entering the United States have criminal records. They enter illegally because they cannot enter legally, and the reason why they cannot enter legally is because they have criminal records.

    This was an interesting article that led me to see our southern border problem from a different perspective. I had no idea that criminal cartels had such a large role in illegal entry to the USA. Doing everything we can to shut down illegal entry would be a good thing in many different ways.
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    It's too bad TT couldn't fit the entire title of the article into the headline. The balance should read, "Shocking Stories Will Make You Want to Build the Wall Yourself."

    Back in the day, I was one of many who volunteered to be extra eyes and ears on the border. The hard part about this is working throughout the night, as that's when most of the activity occurs. If we could've volunteered during the daytime, many more would've gladly helped out. That's what Americans will do to protect our way of life!

    The GoFundMe account for building a wall is now well over 20 million dollars, and most people realize it's one thing to toss a few bucks in the hat, but it's quite another to go out and give of your time to a cause. But, if someone started a national campaign to get volunteers to help build a wall, I think we'd be surprised at how many would willingly step up!
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    The dems cant have facts get in the way of their narrative “all things Trump are bad”. If Hillary were president now, and she wanted a wall for the exact same reasons Trump does, it would easily be approved by congress.

    Has anyone here ever tried to lure a critter out of a deep swamp? Lots of hard effort will usually show little results for your efforts.
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    I have edited it so most of the key phrase will now fit, John.
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    You're the best, bro. Thanks!
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