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How would you like to get this wild hog out hunting? Looks like he's got enough bacon, sausage and pork chops for a while


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These are Russian Boars and are making a nasty stand here in the south. Most often taken by rifle as the shoulder plate seldom allows an arrow to pass through. Here is another of these big hogs referred to as "Russian Boars".



Is it dead? If so, is it bloody & gross? I wanna see the piggy, but not if it's sad.

ETA: My apologies. I view the forum via the New Posts option, do not pay any attention to which section threads are in, and only just now realized that this is in the men's section - SORRY!!!!!
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Old boars are reported to have a gamey flavor. I think all they make with the meat is sausage plus lots of spice.
So the bigger they are the older in age, but seriously is that a doctored picture, I mean look at the size in comparison to the man, looks like a freak if it is real.