Florida residents urged to leave as Hurricane Idalia approaches


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Florida residents urged to leave as Hurricane Idalia approaches
Idalia strengthens to a Category 2 system and could reach Category 3 as it hits Florida.
Israel National News

Florida residents living in vulnerable coastal areas were ordered to pack up and leave Tuesday as Hurricane Idalia gained steam in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico as it makes it way towards the state. Idalia strengthened to a Category 2 system on Tuesday afternoon with winds of 100 mph. The hurricane was projected to come ashore early Wednesday as a Category 3 system with sustained winds of up to 120 mph in the lightly populated Big Bend region, where the Florida Panhandle curves into the peninsula.

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The name Idalia (of Italian origin) has the meaning/definition,
"behold the sun". It has some paganistic tones.
Wonder where some of these definitions for names come from...

Ecclesiastes 11:7
Truly the light is sweet , and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun :

Not reading anything into that, just thought it was interesting.
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My half-sister Kimmie Smith live Florida as State of Police/Cop. I will check with her update as she told busy. There are a several people live in Florida (refuse leave and emergency as some stay there) That what she told, and she said their choice stay there either live or died. Just pray for them make a wise choice. That is all she said. Sister told me pray for some these who need help.