Florida DOE Rejects Math Textbooks Over Inclusion of CRT

Tall Timbers

Imperfect but forgiven
The National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics called on public schools to change curriculum in order to advance "social justice" causes like combating "privilege" and "oppression" in mathematics.

Multiple lies do not equal a truth. Some individuals might feel like mathematics is oppressive if their mind has a hard time absorbing what they're trying to learn. When I was in high school, I can remember wondering: "Who invented algebra anyway?" "Why on earth do we need to know this stuff?" No one ever showed me how mathematics can be applied in real life, so I never had any interest in doing more than the minimum to get by. As a dad, I opened up my kids minds to how things they can learn in school are used in real life, and always encouraged them to take full advantage of their formal education years.

It's sad now, because the way things are going, even those who want to learn may find many roadblocks set up to prevent them from learning. When my kids were in middle and high school, it was already the case where if you weren't in college prep or honors courses, you were being baby sat, nothing more.