Firefox and Privacy


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I've always used Firefox but started looking more into their add-ons and found some that help with putting Facebook, Twitter, and Google in "containers" so they can't follow you around the Internet. I've been happy using those add-ons.

I refuse to use Google's Chrome which is nothing but spyware. At least people like Mozilla don't use Google's freeware for data scheme as their business plan.

DuckDuckGo sent an email the other day telling us about a website where you get a good idea of how much data websites COULD collect on your if they wanted. Check out this link:

I remember back in 1995 when I got on the Internet at first that everything was anonymous and nowadays they want you to sign in social media profiles, etc. I can see how easy it will be for people to get sucked into a situation like the one that exists in China where they control everything. It's kind of scary to watch it all play out, but we can have the hope and sure Word of God to know that nothing the PTB can do is a surprise to God.