Finding a specific message that is numbered


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Each thread is identified by a name and author. Each response to a thread is then numbered chronologically.

Example: The thread "Finding a specific message that is numbered", by "heisable2" . This comment is #2 as denoted in the right hand upper corner of the comment.

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If you know what thread you are looking for with that number go down to the bottom where it shows the page number you are on, you will see to the left previous and your the right next. In the middle you will see about three or four dots. Click on those dots and it will show you the page you are on to the right of that number it has a plus sign to go up in pages and a minus sign to go down in pages. Just click either of those signs until it reaches your desired page number. That's the only way I know of to get to a certain page. Hope it helps. If there's an easier way maybe someone can post it