FINALLY! Got Back On


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Our home 'puter has been out for over a week now and I've missed hanging out with the "family"!! Good to be back on.

Did I miss anything???? Yes Robert, I've had my quota of cheeseburgers, you can be sure!! :nod


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Shouldn't Louisianans be eating Cajunburgers? :scratch:

Good to have you back! :hug


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I've missed ya, Mike! How are things with you and your good wife? Still being kept busy by the grandbabies?


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Sorry, Micah, if you can believe, CajunBurgers are just a little too spicy for me.

Doin' great Matt. Hope yours and yours are the same...


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Thought to myself a couple days ago, where's Mike? I've surely missed you too and glad to see you're back with us!
BTW, for me, the spicier the better :nod