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Discussion in 'For the Gentlemen' started by vmoon, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. ldonjohn

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    I started using an electric razor at about age 18. Tried straight razors a few times, but after many nicks & cuts to my face I decided to us only the electric razor. I get a good close shave without the cuts, blood, & stinging.
    Oh, I am 75 years old, today, and do not consider myself to an "old man."
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  2. bblnizflln

    bblnizflln Revelation 18:2

    Have had better luck with straight razor but have beard most of the time. Dad was opposite and did better with electric. To each their own. My brothers also prefer straight razor.
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  3. Jonathan

    Jonathan Well-Known Member

    Every man's facial hair is different. Mine grows very slowly but is a pain to tend to because it is soft and wiry. You'd think that would make it easier to shave, but for me it isn't. I imagine having strong facial hair is easier to shave because it doesn't evade the blade so easily. Also, I have super sensitive skin which makes a regular razor blade a recipe for facial and cosmetic disaster, even with aftershave ointments.

    So, I stick with an electric Braun razor which tends to get the job done.

    For those who have better folicular (is that a word?) than i do, I encourage you to look into an old fashioned safety razor, the kind where you buy the actual razor blades by bulk and attach them. You will save tons of money that way, instead of paying out the wazoo for blade replacements for modern razors.

    It does take a bit of practice to get the hang of it though.
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