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The thread about the closing of so many retail stores got me to feeling nostalgic. I remember as a kid, my grandmother would go "to town" every Thursday to do her shopping and pay bills. Back then in our little town, during the 60s and early 70s, many people paid their bills in person and in cash. When I was off from school I'd always go with her. My grandfather would drive us "to town" and drop us off, coming back around 3 o'clock to pick us up at the A&P grocery store. We'd start out at Miss E's beauty salon where my grandmother had her hair washed and set every week, then we'd go to Newberry's to look around and have lunch. I always liked having lunch at Newberry's because my aunt's bff, Miss Cheetah ~ to this day I have no idea what Miss Cheetah's real first name was ~ was the cook there and I loved the way she made hamburgers. Miss Cheetah didn't even bother asking what I wanted, she'd always fry me up a hamburger served on a bun and top it with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup, and dill pickles, along with a side of crinkle cut fries and a cherry Coke. :cloud9 After lunch, we'd go by the Jewel Box to browse the new jewelry they'd gotten in. Next it was to the Boston Store to look at clothes and shoes. I used to love the new leather smell of that store. Then we'd work our way back to the phone and electric companies to pay the bills and to the doctor's office, if any money was owed to him. Finally, we'd go to the A&P, which smelled like fresh ground coffee, to get groceries. I have such fond memories of those days when life, for me as a child, was simple and carefree. Anyone want to share memories of their simple and carefree days? I thought we could all use a break from what our current reality is and take a lighthearted trip back through time.
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That’s beautiful! Memories like that are so precious. Sounds like you grew up in a lovely town. :)

My mom and I used to spend our Saturday's like that too. Morning cartoons while she made breakfast and we got ready. Then we would go to the green stamp store and get some fun things with our green stamps, hair cuts, have lunch somewhere, shoe/clothing stores we frequented, a department store maybe, meat market, fresh produce stand, and then we’d get our other weekly groceries and necessities before heading home. After we got home and put the groceries away, we would go for a ride on the beach side. It was always just the two of us. And that’s how she passed last year…just the two of us alone together. How she wanted it to be. Those memories with her I will never forget and will always cherish. :inlove Wish I could go back..

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My mom didn't drive until around the time I was a teen in high school. I remember walking with her to our Federal Savings and Loan. She'd conduct her business and I'd deposit my nickel allowance and see that my balance had increased. Across the street was the grocery store, Mayfair Market. While she picked up some groceries she'd give me tips about shopping that I'm sure I apply to this day though I don't remember too much specifics from back then. I do remember she told me that if there was a difference less than 7 cents for larger eggs, then the larger ones were a better deal than the smaller ones. She knew how to stretch a dollar. I enjoyed accompanying her and credit her for my giftedness with all things financially related. Sometimes we'd stop at the diner attached to the Thrifty 5 and dime and we'd get lemon cokes.

Later in life we both loved the Lord together, attending prayer meetings, conferences, etc.


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For years, my mama went to the beauty shop and had her hair done. I dont know how, but that hairdo would usually last until the next week.
I think that's one reason why I love huge hair. I can't have it now, but I imagine my heavenly hair will be up in the highest bee hive ever!! Hah Glory!!---> remember Aunt Ester from Sanford and Son???+


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My mom's mom lived alone and didn't drive, so once a week my mom took her out for a day of shopping and lunch. In the summer my sister and I could go along. My favorite lunches were at a place called The White Coffee Pot. It was just so special to have lunch in a restaurant (diner) when most of the year it was PB&J sandwiches. Some times my mom would treat us to a set of paper dolls, which were inexpensive and so much fun.

I've been thinking about Christmas seasons growing up. Mom and her mom would spend days baking all kinds of special cookies. I can recall walking home from school looking forward to that, the smell, tasting the cookies. Everyone laughing and having a nice time. I saw a meme recently "Sometimes I wish I could rewind back to the old days with my loved ones, and press pause. Just for a little while."


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Friday night we would go grocery shopping after bowling ended for the night. My dad would stop at a convenience store and buy us each a nutty butty ice cream cone. Home, put the groceries away and then it was Dukes of Hazzard on tv. Saturday would be errand day, with final stops at both the library and the book exchange run by a friend of my dad's.

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I remember going shopping with mom when there were no malls. Since mom didn't drive we took the bus downtown and get off at the bus stop then begin at one end of the busy street and walk the sidewalk stopping at each store as we walked. At that time we used to do " window shopping" too and as we passed the stores there were some beautiful window displays with mannequins dressed in the latest fashions. Always stopping at Woolworths to have lunch at the counter. Loved to swirl in the round seats sitting in front of the counter. So much fun.