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What is Your Favorite Meat?

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I Shall Not Be Moved
Beef Filet Mignon , thick Ny Strip, and ground Brisket burger are my top 3 for beef.
Pan fried chicken, rotisserie Chicken and last Baked Chicken.
Baked salmon, pan fried fresh water fish(perch,walleye, crappie.bluegill/sunfish) And I like frozen Gorton's crispy wild Alaskan Pollock.
Have mercy, that sounds good. Never thought of grinding brisket. In my grocery today, beef was scarce. But there were maybe a dozen or so briskets, marked down to almost half price. Thank the Lord I was able to get 2 for me and 2 for my daughter. I have heard some local groceries are limiting beef to 1 item per customer. These things trouble me, but I know The Master has it under control.


I Shall Not Be Moved
You are so lucky that your husband cooks! My husband hates to cook and when he tries I must admit that his cooking is terrible.
My husband is from Louisiana and cooks Cajun food. I love it. He has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. All of the men in his family love to cook. Wayne says it relaxes him to cook. Me, I get a headache just thinking about a pot or pan.