Fatal blow to JCPOA if Iran doesn’t restore access within 3-4 weeks - IAEA


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Fatal blow to JCPOA if Iran doesn’t restore access within 3-4 weeks - IAEA
IAEA head Rafael Grossi said his agency would be unable to competently advise the US on Tehran's nuclear limits.
Published: JUNE 9, 2022

IAEA Director-General Rafael Grossi warned that if Iran does not reopen access points to the agency’s inspectors within three to four weeks, the 2015 Iran nuclear deal would suffer a “fatal blow,” because the International Atomic Energy Agency would no longer be able to estimate the status of Iran’s nuclear program.

Grossi went so far as to say that even if the US and world powers reached a new deal with Iran sometime after four weeks, his agency would be unable to competently advise them how much Tehran would need to reduce its nuclear program to prevent it from crossing the nuclear threshold.

On Wednesday night, the IAEA Board of Governors voted to censure Iran for its violations. Grossi said that Iran told the agency it would shut off 27 surveillance cameras at several key nuclear facilities. At the same time, the IAEA chief said that around 40 cameras would continue to operate. The agency’s access to its own cameras has been intermittent since February 2021. Grossi indicated that after three to four weeks, the IAEA would lose its “point of continuity” at which it could estimate Iran’s nuclear status, based on partial data.

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All that means is that Iran doesn't need the IAEA anymore to delay the West. It's most likely been long enough for them to finish the enriching of enough uranium for their requirements to make all of Israel and a significant part of the West to glow in the dark.

Only a nuclear holocaust is enough bring back their long awaited 12th Imam aka the Mahdi out of the mildewed well he's been hiding in. According to their 12 Imam prophecies, it takes a world wide holocaust to bring back the 12th Imam.

Which is part of why Iran wants a nuclear weapon. Their Imams are Twelvers. They hold this belief. They don't care who they nuke as long as it brings about the end and their Mahdi appears.


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According to what I hear they've reached the threshold of 60% so it wouldn't take very long to make a bomb for it to be tested, another thing coming together.