FASCISM: Cops Did Not Arrest Man in Dress Who Punched Riley Gaines


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Women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines has denounced the attack on her by biological men dressed as women as an effort to forcibly suppress opposition and criticism, which is a literal dictionary definition of fascism.

“Imagine if the roles were reversed and a group of white, conservatives ambushed someone within the LGBTQ community, physically assaulted them, and held them for ransom for 3 hrs,” Gaines, a former NCAA All-American swimmer, tweeted Saturday.

“There would be arrests and repercussions for the perpetrators and administration who allowed this.”

Gaines posted video of the attack on Friday morning on Twitter, leading to an outcry from conservatives that Gaines said exposes the “double standard,” which she is “tired of.”

“Instead, the campus police and University did nothing,” Gaines added in a subsequent post Saturday afternoon. “They were scared to assert any force and adequately do their job for fear of coming off as racist, transphobic, or anything other than an ally to the community. I’m tired of the double standard. When will enough be enough?”

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We live in a political climate where the Constitution has been terminated in function if not in form. I shudder to think of the lawyers coming out of Harvard and Yale these days who are really more like social activists than lawyers, who have little regard for the Constitution. It will be hard for Gaines to find a lawyer who will risk their career to prosecute the member(s) of the trans community who assaulted her. Any attempt by Gaines to rightfully seek justice against those that assaulted her will be vilified in the media and those who assaulted her will be transformed into "victims" of a "racist," white woman.

The police who refused to defend her know the score. They know that had they pepper sprayed or took any kind of non-lethal actions against those assaulting Gaines, they would have been labeled as racists or transphobic and would have lost their jobs and would, possibly, be prosecuted themselves. If they had taken any action, it would have been turned into “an attack on the trans community” in the media headlines. It is so tragic that society has descended into this madness.

Over the last three years, I have noted that the Left can engage in violence, promote violence and use violent rhetoric in public without any accountability. They can commit arson, murder, loot and threaten. They permit people to walk into stores and take whatever they want without fear of prosecution or imprisonment. They can slander and libel anyone who holds an opinion they disagree with. They harass and threaten conservative speakers on university campuses. They can rig elections in broad daylight and criminalize any attempt to expose those actions. They can prosecute, upon pain of imprisonment, any attempt to protect election integrity. They can slander/libel people as racists, white supremacists, fascists, Nazis and do so with impunity. They can weaponize the government to go after parents who defend their children from indoctrination.

After all of that, conservatives are gaslighted as "divisive" when they dare to stand up to the violence and intimidation coming from the Left. When their intimidation doesn't work, and conservatives fight back, suddenly the Liberals and their activists have become victims of "hate." Look for that to happen in the Riley Gaines situation. She will be villainized, and her attackers will be the "true victims."