Family reunification vote delayed until Monday


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Family reunification vote delayed until Monday
Ayelet Shaked hasn't drafted enough support to pass the controversial bill - so she postponed it again.
JUNE 29, 2021

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked postponed Wednesday’s vote on the controversial family reunification bill to next Monday, just ahead of Tuesday night’s deadline, because she has still not succeeded in drafting enough support to pass it. MKs from Ra’am (United Arab List), Meretz and Labor MK Ibtisam Mara’ana oppose the bill, which would continue to prevent Palestinians from obtaining Israeli citizenship by marrying Arab-Israelis.

Ra’am head Mansour Abbas and Mara’ana addressed a demonstration of mixed Palestinian and Israeli families across from the Knesset on Tuesday. Shaked met with all the Ra’am MKs and told them if they prevent the bill from passing, she would have no choice but to accept opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu’s offer to help pass a two-month extension of the current family reunification ordinance in return for the coalition backing the passage of a stronger immigration law. The immigration bill initiated by Religious Zionist Party MK Simcha Rothman is much more strict and would fine Palestinians who violate the family reunification law.