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Love this thread. I need to do some catchup reading though.

I feel like everyone on here already knows a little too much about me....:oops::hide.... I'm sure everyone goes "Oh no.... It's her again...." when they see a post from me.:lol

But for those who don't really know me, my real name is DeAnna. I was born and raised in small town Central Oregon. My sister and I were homeschooled because my parents didn't like the public schools.
My mom developed Lime disease after being bit by a tick when I was a kid. As a result she couldn't work even after my sis and I were old enough to be home alone. So we weren't rich by any means, but we were very well provided for.
I had a late start in life because of just not being able to afford certain things. I finally got my first job when I was in my mid 20s and worked until my mom and I could find me a car and I could get my driver's license.
Fast forward a few years I met my now husband, Theodore (Ted), a few years ago and got married last February. 2 days after we married, we packed up my car and drove to Florida where we now live. We were blessed to find an affordable house to rent and we each have full-time jobs. He's a mechanic, and I'm currently a banker, though I'm in the pre-employment process for being a Sheriff Dispatch.

I hate cooking.... And it's not so much that I don't like fixing up food as it is I have a bad back (scoliosis as a kid. I was in a back-brace as a kid) and standing at the kitchen table/stove for any length of time hurts really bad. So cooking is painful. Fortunately, Ted likes cooking and is a really good cook. So he does all the cooking. I do everything else.

I love reading. I read everything from the old classics, to modern fiction, fantasy, science fiction, historical, mystery, thriller, even the occasional horror, to non-fiction. I have an embarrassing collection of Barnes and Noble leather bounds that I insisited on bringing to Florida with me, much to Ted's horror.

I like playing some video games. Not super violent games, but adventure and puzzle type games.
I grew up watching the Star Trek franchise, my mom is a big fan. So because of that I had (and still have) a fascination with sci-fi, math, and real science. Especially Astronomy.
I also like Period dramas like Downton Abby.
Mystery series, police procedurals, Stargate, Gilmore Girls, etc.
I'm also a Lord of the Rings nerd. Or I used to be. It's been a while since I've read the books.

I got my love of prophecy and end times from my mom. She is an avid Pre-Trib believer. My Dad believed in the Mid-Trib, so they didn't always see eye-to-eye. But I would spend hours going through her notebook. She hand drew illustrations and time-lines. There was even a foldout she had made with papers taped together.
Everything was carefully written with all the scriptures and verses.
She didn't have internet for a long time, so everything was by hand and self-taught with just the scripture as her road map.
When I was much older and was able to pay for high speed internet, we spent hours listening to different teachers such as Chuck Smith and Chuck Missler and others I don't remember, talk about prophecy and end times.
Now I love watching Athey Creek and following pastor Brett Meador's prophecy updates.
DH isn't as into prophecy as I am. I don't think he was ever exposed to it. So he doesn't always understand my fascination with current events. He calls it doom and gloom... But it's ok. No one's perfect. He loves Jesus and that's all that really matters.

Anyway... That's me. Nothing too special. It's fun getting to know all the wonderful ladies here. Thank you! Now I need to go back and read about everyone:book

Edit: Oh dear.... I forgot to mention, DH and I have a saltwater fishtank with our little fish family. Right now we just have two clownfish (we used to have a bonded pair, but sadly the female died. I didn't know this, but clownfish are born male until they bond with another clownfish and then the dominant one becomes a female. They bond for life. Now we just have two males, but they never leave each other's sides. They even sleep next to each other. We think they might end up bonding), a blenny, another little fish (not sure what he is), and some coral. I love it. Each fish has a name.
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What are your fishes' names?
So DH thought it would be funny to name the fish after famous - or infamous - gangsters from history. So the first clownfish we got were Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie passed away, some weeks later dh came home with another little clownfish and he named him Capone. We also have Bugsy and Nelson (after baby face Nelson because he's a tiny fish). It was reluctantly pointed out that we may have to change Clyde's name if he bonds with the new clown. I guess he would be the dominant one, so would become a female this time. But that idea, even though it's normal among clownfish, was too weird for me so I said he's a he and we'll just leave it like that for now.

Also I’m a fellow LOTR fan so I have to know, who is your favorite character? :nerd
Not sure I could name one:lol though I have always been fascinated by Gandalf and his other wizard associates. Tolkien never said exactly where they came from or why. In the Silmarilion they are barely mentioned in one or two sentences near the end. So because I love a good mystery, I would say Gandalf is probably my favorite. After him, Tom Bombadil because he's another interesting and mysterious figure.
I was completely surprised when dh husband casually told me once the Legolas was his favorite.... I always thought girls liked him. I definitely don't dislike him... It just didn't occur to me that a burly man's man like dh husband might like him too.


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Or Claudia :knitting what'cha think, @Aiyanna
So glad you've joined us on this thread.
It's nice to get better acquainted, and since this thread doesn't have a 'definite' topic, it leaves a lot of room for wider range of discussion.
That's pretty close too... One thing keeping and caring for a saltwater fishtank has taught me is how beautiful and perfect God created everything. Everything in the tank has to be at a perfect balance to be able to support coral and fish. From bacteria, to the chemical makeup in the water. We have to test the salinity, calcium, magnesium, nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, and a couple others that aren't coming to mind a couple times every week. This perfect balance happens in all the great reefs around the world, but we have to struggle sometimes to keep everything where it needs to be. It boggles my mind how God so specifically designed each of the organisms, creatures, and even coral so that they all work together to maintain the environment they're in so they can all live. I didn't know that clams were so beautiful, and they work as natural water filters. But the water has to have a certain amount of calcium and magnesium for them to live.

Thank you, I love it! And there are so many amazing and talented ladies on here.
I'm not super creative. My mind is way too analytical. I'm great with math, puzzles (honestly, math is just a puzzle), any kind of problem solving or logic.
I've been really wanting to have my own flower and maybe vegetable and fruit gardens. I LOVE flowers. I want a yard full of all the flowers we couldn't grow in Central Oregon (nearly all of them except daisies. That part of Oregon is mostly a high desert. Long cold winters and very short dry summers. No growing season.). Now I live in a place I can have almost everything. I legit nearly cried in Walmart's little garden center when I saw all the different plants and flowers. Ted thought I was weird. But it was a beautiful sight.

I am also very good at doing my makeup. I'm constantly getting compliments at work. I had a couple ladies ask me who does my makeup.... To which I awkwardly pointed to me... I love playing with eyeshadow colors and am silly, if extremely detail oriented enough, to color coordinate my eyeshadows with my outfits. Every morning I listen to my favorite Bible teacher and do my makeup. It honestly doesn’t even take me long, though people seem to think I spend hours doing it. No.... No... maybe 10 minutes? 20 tops if I'm doing something super fancy.

Other than those little things.... I have played some music, but would rather break my fingers than play in front of anyone; and my mom taught us girls how to crochet (haven't done it in years); and I did teach myself to draw and paint a little, but I would be mortified to show anyone anything. :lol


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@Aiyanna, I loved reading all about you!! You and SarahRose must be around the same age, which is around the same as my two boys, so I‘ll just think of both of you as one of “mine.” :) Not in a creepy sort of way, more like their friends from youth group who might’ve been here at the house hanging out as teenagers. If that makes sense.

If it doesn’t makes sense, you’ll just have to forgive me, I took the day off (although I’m already off on Saturdays) for a “mental health day.” It’s been a super busy and stressful week, but the good news is my mother got a favorable report from her oncologist yesterday. Her CT scans were fine (they weren’t able to do the bone scan due to a worldwide shortage of the contrast dye, but the doctor said that’s okay). The doctor also said that my mom’s type of breast cancer (triple negative) usually returns within the first two years and she is two years since her surgery & radiation, so that is good.

We enjoyed our time together even though both mornings were spent at the hospital, but we had brunch out afterwards and then she forced me to shop til I dropped both days, so after she left this morning to return to GA for an afternoon concert, I stayed in PJ’s all day, exhausted! :D (John’s also sick again and I need to update his prayer thread, but not tonight.)

Literally the only work I did today was unload the dishwasher. I was a real sloth!! I did finally throw on some clothes and went to get my hair trimmed late in the day.
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Whatcha play?

I started piano lessons in my 40s. Have taken lessons several yrs as arthritis allows. I think if I could practice consistently, I would be good. I LOVE piano!!
Do you know of the pianist Natalie Raynes? [If you don’t know] she’s from the upstate and is an amazing pianist. She plays a little concert each week and puts it on her YouTube channel (also on Facebook I think) - anybody who loves hymns AND piano should look her up! :nod