He is able to save
Hi RF gang, it's been a long time since I wrote any poetry so here goes:

Lord, I've done nothing for Thee.
All my life I've lived for me,
Caring not, for me You gave up all
Your glory to come to a world so small,
So that I may ransomed be
From sin's awful misery.
You call us all to work
In Your vineyard and not shirk
From souls; lost, hungry, needing You.
The work is great, 'tis true,
And the laborers are few;
But I sit and idly look at stuff
That's gone in just a puff
Of air. Yet You have done all for me.
I'm sorry, Lord, but I must be
Back to work. I'm busy, You see.
There's a caller at the door -
Shoo her on! I must mop the floor.
The phone begins to ring,
As of his sales products, Joe sings.
A girl standing in a grocery store,
A hobo staring at a cement floor,
A sad friend or neighbor needing cheer:
All these are brushed off with a blink,
But do I ever stop to think
Before I judge and shoo
That all these need Jesus too.
How will they hear if I don't go
And His love in me gladly show?