External hard drive problem


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I have a different problem, hence a different thread....

I have a 2TB Seagate external hard drive. It doesn't use an AC adapter but is USB connected. Tonight when I attempted to plug it in, the opening for the cable was badly damaged and I am now unable to use it.
The drive is still good, and (of course) dummy me didn't back up anything on there to any other drives or cloud sites. It contains mostly old classic films for me and my mom to enjoy, some which I am unsure if I can find again.

Is there any way I can get these files transferred? I just purchased a 2nd 2 TB external drive, and a 5 TB one.

I can't find a picture of input, but the drive resembles this one.

I already tried replacing the cable and it didn't work.
Again - it is the input on the drive that isn't working. :)

Thanx if you can help.

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We've got a bunch of those Seagate USB hard drives. They're an inexpensive medium for data replication. The last one I bought at Costco came with a free offer to recover the data for "X" number of years. Shonsu's suggestion should work, though I think it might be hard to get to the hard drive in these units. I don't have one to look at at the moment, but I think the cover may be a solid piece.


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I found an enclosure that also has the adapter built in, so I ordered that.
My next concern is opening up the case and moving it from the old enclosure to the new one...
I found a Youtube video where someone transferred theirs, but they used a guitar pick to open it. I don't have any laying around (LOL). Any alternatives? And do I need to not touch anything once I open it?


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Is there any kind of gloves I could wear, just in case I accidentally did touch them? I'm not very coordinated.


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The hard drive enclosure came tonight. I've already swapped out the external drive from the old enclosure to the new one. It is working perfectly now, and the new enclosure is more sturdy! :)
Awesome to hear! Data loss can be heart breaking. Glad you got things fixed.