Explosion in Tehran park caused by stun grenade


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Explosion in Tehran park caused by stun grenade
The explosion happened several hours after a large-scale cyberattack across Iran.
JULY 10, 2021

A large explosion was heard in Iran's capital on Saturday, according to the Iranian Fars News agency. Later reports indicated that the explosion was caused by a stun grenade - a device which explodes with bright light and a loud sound - which had been set up to go off in a park near an adjoining hospital building, a TV reporter said. Tehran Deputy Governor Hamid Reza Goudarzi, who is in charge of security issues in the city, visited the site. "Just one explosion took place inside Mellat (People) Park," he told the semi-official Tasnim news agency. Asked whether the incident was an attack, Goudarzi said: "We are investigating the dimensions and causes of the incident and we will provide information after we are sure."

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