Expect Israel's Iron Dome to be given to the UAE - Middle East expert


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Expect Israel's Iron Dome to be given to the UAE - Middle East expert
Israel president’s visit to the Emirates could mean relations are rising to a strategic level.
Published: JANUARY 31, 2022

Israeli President Isaac Herzog and first lady Michal Herzog arrived in Abu Dhabi Sunday for a historic two-day visit at the invitation of UAE Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Herzog was greeted upon arrival by United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The Herzogs’ route also marked an important first. It was the first time that an Israeli presidential airplane had flown over Saudi Arabia, a nation does that does not have formal relations with the Jewish state. The pilot took a moment to make the remarkable announcement, saying, “We are now right over Saudi Arabia. We are making history! We shall soon fly over the capital city [Riyadh].”

Prof. Joshua Teitelbaum, from Bar-Ilan University’s Department of Middle Eastern Studies, pointed out to The Media Line that Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett already visited the United Arab Emirates last month to deal with concrete policy issues.

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