EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Lindsey Graham warns ALL ISRAEL NEWS that IDF may have to launch preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities soon

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WASHINGTON – Senator Lindsey Graham, one of the most respected foreign and defense policy experts in Washington, fears a new war may be coming to the Middle East sooner than most people realize.

In a phone interview with me yesterday, the South Carolina Republican explained that the “Iranians are progressing at a very dangerous pace” with their uranium enrichment and nuclear weapons development program.

The problem, he said, is that the Biden administration and international community are not doing nearly enough to stop them.

As a result, Graham said, Israel is in a very difficult position and may need to take preemptive military action on its own.

“There are certain red lines that Israel will not allow Iran to cross,” Graham told me. “And I’ve never been more worried about those red lines being crossed than I am right now.”

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The Obama leftists in the Biden "administration" would like nothing better than to see a nuclear war break out between Israel and Iran. That is why they gave the Iranians so much money--so that they could proceed with their plans to get a nuclear bomb. They hate Jews with a supernatural hatred, transmitted to them from the owners of their leftists' souls, Satan. Pray for Israel, please.