Ex-Mossad chief: Return to US, Iran nuclear deal will happen regardless


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Ex-Mossad chief: Return to US, Iran nuclear deal will happen regardless
"Returning to the old deal, I am concerned that we are non-stop galloping toward it...this will be a disaster if it happens...if I estimate who could thwart this, it would be the Iranians."
MARCH 10, 2021

Former Mossad chief Tamir Pardo said on Wednesday that the US and Iran will likely return to a nuclear deal regardless of the current Israeli government’s opposition. Speaking at a joint Commanders for Israel’s Security and Haaretz conference, when asked if there would be a deal, Pardo said, “It is very hard to know for sure. I assume yes, and the question is when, and how many variations will it undergo until we get there.”

The former Mossad director also said that “I assume Israel will act like it should... [according to] its size... it can get to cooperative levels with” the US, but added that Jerusalem should not play games with the larger powers, given that it “has capabilities, but [they are] the capabilities of a small state – and at the end... it needs to recognize its place.” Without mentioning Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by name, but clearly referring to him, he warned that if Israeli leaders yell at the world that they will act on their own against everyone, then Israel will not get anywhere in terms of influencing developments.

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