Ex-Mormon Couple – “Devastated” That Christian Leaders and Pastors Are Embracing The Chosen Series


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I had no idea that The Chosen was connected to Mormonism. Yeesh! I don't think anyone knows. All I know is one friend said her husband refused to watch it because he disagrees with any fictionalised account/re-telling of the Bible. I don't know where to watch it anyways. Maybe the film itself doesn't get into who they say Jesus is but I am uncomfortable with giving them any money.

And no way Mormons can be saved. Knowing Who Jesus is is of VITAL importance. You can't say Jesus saved you if you don't even believe He is God. Jesus is God's Son. That is KEY. The Jesus they say is saving them is a demon Jesus. No power in there. Just lies.

My wife and I have been watching it via their free app. which you can use on Android or Apple.

I would not put my salvation on it's accuracy but we have been enjoying it for what it's worth and it is very compelling and emotional. They take some big liberties by "filling out" the background on the disciples and they give women a far more prominent role and presence in the story than would have likely been permitted to occur in the time period and culture dealt with.

I think the actors are very well cast and they all do a very good job and they walk a decent line between historical accuracy and "modern speak" in terms of the language and customs.

I'm kind of a history nerd, so I just find the representation of the clash of cultures(Romans and the many Judean sects (Pharisees/Sadducees/Zealots, the other people groups the Jews had contact with (Samaritans, etc.) and intrigue, the sets/wardrobe really cool. It was a very exciting period of history and you can get a sense of why the Jewish people thought their Messiah would be a "Warrior-King" like David and were totally taken aback at the actual form that Jesus , the Christ, the real messiah took.

The soundtrack I personally think is amazing as well. It has led both of us to want to dig into the actual, real source material of the Holy Bible and that, in my book is a good thing.

But, yeah, you would not want to base your Christian worldview solely on a fictionalized portrayal of the time period and actions no matter WHO was involved in making it.


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That is really weird, and I don't doubt you but a question I would ask is "then what exactly do you believe the significance or even point is to this ritual that an entire church service just spent their time on?"

I don't know...you would have to ask a Mormon :)

29 "But I say unto you, I shall not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine, until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father's kingdom."

All I know is this....in this age and time where juices and wines of all sorts are readily available, they make a point of using water.
I have also scrapped together anything available from my cabinet, at home and on the road, to partake of communion. That is different than an entire denomination using water, every time.
From what little I understand, Mormons emphasize that the atonement took place in the Garden of Gesthemane, when Jesus surrendered to the Father's will.

This is probably why no one is offended about the water in the cups.

But I can tell you that as a brand new believer in Christ at the time who didn't know anything yet.....I was.