European nations tell Israel: Do not build new West Bank housing units


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European nations tell Israel: Do not build new West Bank housing units
Israel has held that it has a right to build in the settlements and that such activity does not impact any potential peace process with the Palestinians.
Published: MAY 13, 2022

Israel must not build the more than 4,000 settler homes, plans for which were advanced this week, fourteen European nations said in a joint statement they issued on Friday. "We are deeply concerned by the decision of the Israeli Higher Planning Council to advance plans for the construction of more than 4,000 housing units in the West Bank," the countries said. "We urge the Israeli authorities to reverse this decision," they added.

"The new housing units would constitute an additional obstacle to the two-state solution. Israeli settlements are in clear violation of international law and stand in the way of a just, lasting and comprehensive peace between Israelis and Palestinians," they added. They also spoke out against Israeli demolitions of illegal Palestinian homes, including potentially pending evictions in an area of the South Hebron Hills known as Masafer Yatta.

The countries that signed the statement authored by France were: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden. All the countries mentioned, save for Norway, are European Union members.



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The world as a whole is condemning Israel for their plans to build out, U.S.A. included... But if you look, you'll see news also of more and more Jewish persons returning to Israel as Isaiah 11:11-12 prophecy states will occur "in that day".

I read multiple statements such as this one included that Russia has approximately 150,000 Jewish persons and as many as 500,000 that hold Israeli citizenship that would like to and are possibly looking to flee back to Israel.

It appears Israel is just creating room for a large increase in population, whether they realized it or not, God's will and plan is perfect.