EU security must no longer depend on US, says Macron

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French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday called for Europe to stop relying on the United States for its military defense as he pushed for fresh EU integration in the face of rising nationalism around the continent.

Relaunching his diplomatic agenda after the summer break, the 40-year-old president said he would put forward new proposals in the coming months for the EU to boost defense cooperation, as well as talks with Russia on their security relationship -- an issue of concern for countries on Europe's eastern edge.

"Europe can no longer rely on the United States for its security. It is up to us to guarantee European security," Macron told an audience of some 250 diplomats, lawmakers and international relations experts.

His comments follow US President Donald Trump repeatedly distanced himself from the NATO military alliance, which groups the United States with most of Europe and has underpinned European security since World War II.

Macron's comments are likely to find support in EU powerhouse Germany after Foreign Minister Heiko Maas made a similar call for boosted military cooperation last week.

Writing in the Handelsblatt newspaper, Maas called for Europe to "take an equal share of the responsibility" and "form a counterweight" to Washington as Europe-US relations cool.


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One way or another, I think the plan is for the US to no longer be a major factor in world affairs, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that Europe is moving towards arming themselves and preparing for their role in the future world government. Whether the decline in the US comes as a result of all the efforts to destroy us from within or by the Rapture (really praying that's it), Europe will need a force to take control after whatever period of upheaval and re-arranging is in store for the (near?) future. That we see them starting to move in this direction is yet another sign of how late it's getting...


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Here we go excuse to put military in the eu.
Yup! My first thought was Macron was pushing for an EU army and here's more reason for him. With Merkel mired in her troubles in Germany I think Macron is angling to be the de facto leader of the new EU.

And the rest of you are right too, this is one of the ways where the old Roman Empire is creaking and puffing back into life. It's a lot like watching a steam train starting up.

I'm interested that Macron keeps positioning himself as the leader of Europe.

They need to suck up to Russia right now for oil, and Russia needs them to continue buying the oil. As long as Russia needs them to buy oil, Russia has a vested interest in letting their socialist economies continue to run without direct Russian control, much like the relationship between Hong Kong and China. HK belongs to communist China now, but they've allowed a different set of rules for business there to keep the economic engine going and providing mainland China with plenty of money. Same with Russia I think.

In short I think Europe may not like Russia but they feel like they can deal with Russia just fine right now. None of them in the EU have shown an ability to think ahead more than 5 years so the long term risks aren't an issue for them.

The Israeli oil might be a gamechanger when that comes online, as it may compete head to head with Russia. That will upset this careful balance of power between the EU and Russia.
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