EU Official at WEF Tells Brian Stelter That Free Speech is on its Way Out in the U.S.


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Does she know something we don’t know? Vera Jourova, who holds the fanciful title of vice president of the European Commission for Values and Transparency, said Tuesday at a World Economic Forum (WEF) panel that “soon” the United States will have “illegal hate speech laws.” Certainly the Left is making a hard push for such laws, but such initiatives always run into a buzzsaw known as the First Amendment. Does Vera Jourova have some insider knowledge about how the Left plans to eliminate that obstacle?

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I'm sure she does, as to what and to what extent?
As far as the attack on free speech goes , that has been going on for years and many are knowledgeable to this fact .
As far as the "hard push" for laws to help dismantle that precious first ammendment, that is no secret.
Their intentions are quite clear .

The Globalist/ Luciferians, future employees of the forming OWG and the Beast , are not exactly shy about their brazen corrupt ways and evil intentions .

If America were to lose either the first ammendment or the second ammendment, we would lose America for good. That would be the straw that breaks the camels back. That or a nuke, or the Rapture!

America is in a very vulnerable and volatile environment right now.
I only see that increasing.


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It seems to me the devil wants to really get the ball rolling. But the Holy Spirit is obviously holding it all back to a certain extent.

We've had a foretaste of tyranny in recent years especially in 2020 and 2021, but it was all just a foretaste. When the Church is raptured, it's all systems go. The Holy Spirit who restrains will no longer restrain the arrival of the AC.


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There's a lot of truth in the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword, and that truth is not lost on those who want to make us helpless so they can rule over us. So it is no surprise that the same cult that has long tried to destroy the Second Amendment would do likewise with the First. If you look at all of the illegal gun control laws, most of which are still standing even after the Bruen decision made clear that they are illegal, you see the contempt that the criminal gangs in Washington and various state houses have for our Constitutional rights.

Another example is Article 4 Section 4, which includes the following: "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion..." An essential part of a republican form of government is that the people choose who runs the government; this right has been stolen from us and nothing is being done about it. And they aren't protecting us from invasion either. Most of what the federal government does these days is a flagrant violation of the Tenth Amendment, and they've been getting away with that so long we're used to it.

The point to all this is, the criminal gangs in Washington and the various state houses will find ways to suppress truth that exposes their lies and illegal activity, and while the law might be a hurdle they have to find a way to get over, it is unlikely to stop them.

It's my understanding that as it is now speech is illegal if it represents a clear and present danger. A common phrase is you can't yell fire in a crowded theater. So all they have to do is claim that truth spoken by patriots and Christians creates a clear and present danger, maybe by claiming that it endangers certain politicians or homosexuals or something. There are also attempts to outlaw so-called hate speech, and running parallel to these attempts is a propaganda campaign that defines everything they want to keep people from talking about as hate. The same thing is done with what it labels racism, along with other forms of thoughtcrime.

They have built a solid base for this kind of thing with PC doctrines in the government schools, which are also enforced in the workplace, all by government edict: the threat of expulsion or termination hangs over anyone who might express thought that has been forbidden by the high seers of liberalism, the official state religion. God's truth can not be taught in the government schools because of the supposed wall between church and state, and you can curse our Savior all day there and not get in any trouble, but those same schools can sensor speech that has been forbidden by the official state religion, and somehow the wall of separation between church and state doesn't stop that.

So now there are generations that have been raised seeing this kind of censorship as normal and good. Internet giants have greatly expanded that base by aggressively censoring truth and excommunicating those who express it. And now we find out that they were even working with government bureaucracies in their censorship, and still nothing is done about it. This is why they brag openly about censoring us now: the machinery is already built; all they have to do is turn up the volume. And they know nothing will be done about it.
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The current problem with the Constitutional voice: It's not organized and often is diluted with the immature and irrational.

But then there is an even deeper problem: It's not trusting God, let alone fearing Him.

Far more people want to live comfortably - at peace - with their neighbors than face jail or the verbal wrath of those who embrace wickedness.

AND PLEASE NOTE: those wicked people are on BOTH sides of the isle.


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They seem to think that we should all think like they do. That is ridiculous. We have a right to our own opinion. They don't have the last :tappingfoot word like they think they do.
But you see, our ideas are tainted with the Divine, our morality has absolutes, we fear a Holy and Righteous God, they do not, nor can they understand such things and become violent when we repeat the Truth given by the Savior He sent.


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But you see, our ideas are tainted with the Divine, our morality has absolutes, we fear a Holy and Righteous God, they do not, nor can they understand such things and become violent when we repeat the Truth given by the Savior He sent.
True, they go the way of anything goes whatever is right in their way of thinking. So because we don't go along with their way of thinking we are hateful bigots.