EU calls on Israel not to demolish Palestinian herding villages


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EU calls on Israel not to demolish Palestinian herding villages
Right wing Israeli politicians have argued that the battle political and that Palestinians.
OCTOBER 19, 2020

Israeli demolitions of the Palestinian herding villages in the South Hebron Hills would be a violation of international law, the European Union Representative to the Palestinian Territories Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff said on Monday as he urged Israel not to take action against them. “The European Union Member States and the like-minded partner countries represented here today are concerned about the continued threat of demolition of property and eviction faced by the local communities for more than two decades in the Masafer-Yatta area,” von Burgsdorff said during a solidarity visit to some of the village.

He was joined by local diplomats representing 16 European countries plus one from Canada. The trip was organized by the Left-wing Israeli NGOs Breaking the Silence and B’Tselem to highlight the danger facing the communities located in the West Bank’s Firing Zone 918. At issue is a pending High Court of Justice ruling, in what is the latest stage in a two decade legal battle between some 12 villages in the area over whether or not they can live in an IDF firing zone.