Estonia and Finland integrate coastal missile systems and increase NATO activity which is worrying Russia

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Could well be.

A lot of the bible scholars who look at this after the rapture before the tribulation scenario (not Andy Woods but people like Bill Salus and I think Mark Hitchcock and Ron Rhodes talk about a 3.5 year gap or so from the rapture and before the Trib starts so that the burning of weapons is finished by that critical half way point into the 7 years.

That allows the weapons to finish burning, just before the Jews have to run for it as the AC turns on them, does the the Abomination of Desolation and kills the 2 witnesses.

So while they run to Petra, they aren't burning weapons and God is their sole source of supply, safety etc in Petra or wherever it is that God directs them to go.

I think it will be a re run of the miraculous escape from Pharoah and manna in the wilderness. This time it will be the escape from the AC, and God I think will be providing food and water and likely stopping their clothes and shoes from wearing out, just as He did before.

Bookends of Jewish history. The great escapes, meeting with God in the wilderness, Who meets all their needs.
Ironic isnt it ?

God protects Israel in the Wilderness in OT when they groaned and cried to help when they were slaves in Egypt and God protects Israel again in the wilderness after AC pursues or calls for their deaths