Erdan: UN amplifying false narrative of the Palestinians


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Erdan: UN amplifying false narrative of the Palestinians
Israel's Ambassador to UN leads protest in response to UN pro-Palestinian conference.
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Nitsan Keidar , Nov 30 , 2021

A pro-Palestinian conference on "Solidarity with the Palestinian People" was held in the United Nations General Assembly on Monday. The conference, intended to strengthen support for the Palestinians "right of return," was attended by the President of the GA, the President of the Security Council, the Palestinian Ambassador to the UN, and representatives of Palestinian civil society. Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan, in cooperation with the World Jewish Congress, held a protest on Monday morning in response to the biased conference at the UN. Ambassador Erdan attacked the UN's blatant disregard of the massacres and expulsions of Jews from Arab countries and Iran.

As part of the campaign led by Ambassador Erdan and the WJC, trucks carrying signs arrived at the UN headquarters and showed those entering the UN pictures of Jewish refugees being expelled from Arab countries and Iran, along with a demand to stop erasing Jewish history.

"On November 29th, exactly 74 years ago, the UN recognized the Jewish people's right to a state. The Jews and Israel accepted this partition plan and the Palestinians and the Arab countries rejected it and tried to destroy us. The Palestinians and the Arab countries not only attacked Israel, the Jewish state, they also persecuted, massacred, and ultimately expelled the Jewish communities in their own countries," said Erdan.