Erdan: Security Council singles out world's only Jewish state


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Erdan: Security Council singles out world's only Jewish state
'The claims of UN bodies and companies like Ben and Jerry’s to be motivated by high ideals melt to nothing, like ice cream in the summer."
Arutz Sheva Staff , Jul 28 , 2021
Gilad Erdan.

Today, Israel's Ambassador to the United States and the United Nations Gilad Erdan addressed the UN Security Council in a debate on the Middle East. "Israel and more and more moderate Arab states are working to move beyond the past of hate, instability and fundamentalism, towards a future of dialogue, tolerance and peace. A future in which cooperation replaces conflict and respectful dialogue replaces violent disputes. Unfortunately, terrorist groups like Hamas, and radical regimes like Iran, oppose this vision of a brighter future. They are fighting to keep the Middle East stuck in a dark age of conflict. A past in which the narratives of the extremists dominate the international discourse, and in which Israel is singled out for demonization.

Erdan noted that "In May this year, Hamas launched thousands of rockets against millions of Israeli civilians. Those who truly understand the Middle East know that this was a reaction to the Palestinian Authority’s decision, once again, to cancel planned elections. 2 Hamas was seeking to increase its political power and popularity on the Palestinian street at the expense of the Palestinian Authority, and, so, looked for an excuse to attack Israel. It found an excuse. A very, very weak one.

"Or at least one that would be considered very weak in context of any other country. Let me ask you, would you ever accept the narrative of a designated terrorist organization as a valid excuse for firing thousands of rockets at your citizens? At your capital?