Energy minister warns Lebanon not to threaten Israel, gas field


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Energy minister warns Lebanon not to threaten Israel, gas field
A senior government official speculated that Lebanon is threatening Israel over the developments in Karish for “internal reasons,” because “the Zionist enemy unites them.”
Published: JUNE 6, 2022

Lebanon’s claims to the Karish gas field are baseless, Energy Minister Karin Elharrar said Monday. She warned Beirut not to threaten Israel. “There is absolutely no… connection between the Karish reservoir and the lines under dispute,” Elharrar told 103FM. “I don’t suggest [that Lebanon should] try to surprise Israel.” Elharrar’s remarks came a day after a natural-gas storage and production ship operated by Energean arrived at the Karish gas field, about 80 km. west of Haifa in the Mediterranean Sea.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun on Sunday said the vessel had entered “the disputed maritime area with Israel... [and] any action or activity in the disputed area represents a provocation and an aggressive action.” The Karish field is south of a triangular area of the Mediterranean Sea that has been subject to a dispute between Israel and Lebanon. The area starts at the countries’ land border, is five to six km. wide on average and would make up about 2% of Israel’s economic waters.