End times stock watch


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Here is an interesting concept I was pondering over lunch. We have a bit of insight into how things are going to go down over the next indeterminate amount of years we don't know much but some. Has anyone ever considered or discussed financial investment that would hypothetically pay off at the rapture of the bride or around that time. I do see the issue it is essentially blood money if you invest in like Babylon tech or something along those lines Antichrist Enterprises. But Or maybe things like investing in Israeli industry and business and that kind of thing. Hmmm


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Shorting the stock market after the inevitable plunge after the Rapture would be the thing to do. The only problem is that the US dollar will also be worthless so what's the point?


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I’m not a financial expert by any means but if you have stock in Amazon, Google, Apple, etc. aren’t you already invested in end times stuff?


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After the Rapture there will be many vacant houses. So the real estate market will crash. There will also be many abandoned cars. So the used car market will crash which will also harm sales of new cars. There will be massive economic changes after the Rapture which the antichrist will use to build his power.


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This will use sell anything value such as Gold, Silver, Diamond, Black Diamond, Blahhh...also Wheat, flour, trade for trade, but will not accpet cash or credit card are worthless to use during the Tribulation and after rapture????