Elon Musk says we can't let humankind end in 'adult diapers' and that the environment would be fine if we doubled our population


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Elon and other self-professing atheists and agnostics who don't have any fear of God, such as Soros, are all "good" with going to hell because they believe it doesn't exist. However, I'm guessing after they arrive in hell and realize that not only is it a real place, but where they're spending eternity, they're going to have a very quick attitude adjustment toward hell. Unfortunately, it'll be too late to do anything about it then. :sad

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When adult diapers start to be a problem in the landfills the govmint will likely encourage euthanasia of those too old to work. No need to concern yourself with retirement, just check out when you can no longer work :(

The Army taught me really well how to make it look like I'm busy working on something important. Guess they'll have to compost my Depends :lol